«gem» tarot project.

This started because T’oast asked us “So if your WoL was on a tarot card, which card would it be?” …Now we have a full set of major arcana featuring 22 WoLs of Stratagem FC!Please check out the mix of commissions, artwork and screenshots by our amazing members in the gallery above!

Card Deck


No.CardCharacter NameCredit 
00The FoolGogomiOriginal ArtGogomi @ link
01The MagicianSankiOriginal ArtSanki @ link
02The High PriestessSafflowerCommissionZverSnow @ link
03The EmpressChilaelOriginal ArtChi @ link
04The EmperorMik'haScreenshot@ SQUARE ENIX CO.LTD
05The HierophantRinhOriginal ArtRinh
06The LoversSnaeScreenshot@ SQUARE ENIX CO.LTD
07The ChariotMellowOriginal ArtMellow Marsh
08StrengthT’oastOriginal ArtBetsib @ link
09The HermitAerinaCommissionRoman Ismailov @ link
10Wheel of FortuneHikari’toOriginal ArtHikari’to Inoru
12The Hanged ManTokoyamiScreenshot@ SQUARE ENIX CO.LTD
13DeathPoponjaOriginal ArtChig
14TemperanceMhaoCommissionZverSnow @ link
15The DevilG’yozahCommissionGogomi @ link
16The TowerNash'irOriginal ArtEpimeral @ link
17The StarTsukihiCommissionOrange Lightning @ link
18The MoonYstesiaCommissionAinoHana @ link
19The SunEzraOriginal ArtZverSnow @ link
20JudgementSajahScreenshot@ SQUARE ENIX CO.LTD
21The WorldDaironScreenshot@ SQUARE ENIX CO.LTD

Note: All commissions were the responsibility of the member who commissioned them and explicit permission was given by each commissioned artist for the use of their artwork in this project.The project is strictly fan created and no cards will be printed for commercial use. All card sets made from this artwork were created at the cost of production and for personal use only.